Are you looking to buy a single family home or condominium  in Westmount but are unsure how to proceed? Well look no further. I can help you in the purchase of Westmount real estate. Buying real estate is a very important endeavor that will have lasting economic and emotional consequences on you and your family for years to come. It is crucial to ensure that these consequences are financial stability and happiness.

The first step in finding success in the purchase of a Westmount home is to understand what one can afford to pay. It is important to figure out what the monthly mortgage payments might be on homes in a specific price range. That way you can calculate the monthly expenses that a potential property might bring upon your household budget and you can determine whether this expense will be a sustainable one. Remember always that however great it is to have a wonderful home, it is never nice enough to warrant being house poor.

A wintery street in WestmountOnce you understand how much you can afford to spend on your dream home, you can then begin making a list of assets that you would like your new home to have. How many bedrooms does your family need? Do you want all bedrooms to be on the top floor or do you prefer one or more of them to be away from the rest, perhaps in the basement? How many bathrooms do you require in your home and where would you ideally want them to be located? Of course you also have to ponder how much living space you and your family will require. How much is too little and how much is simply too much space? What about the condition of the property itself? Are you looking for a turn key, something that is ready to move in and enjoy right away? Are you looking to pay a bit less for something that you will inevitably need to update and bring up more to your standards? Do you want the opportunity to create your own dream kitchen or do you prefer for the home you purchase to already have a modern and functional kitchen? How about parking? How many cars must your house in Westmount be able to accommodate and how many of those, if any, must be indoors? What about the yard? Does your family like to spend the warm weather months outdoors and do you therefore place much importance on having a larger yard and perhaps a swimming pool or the space to install one?

The more questions you ask yourself about your next Westmount house, the easier and the more painless it will be to find it.

The next step is to find a broker that you are comfortable working with and who will take the time to guide you along your way to purchasing what will hopefully be the home of your dreams, or close to it. It seems then that you have come to the right place, as I can help you do exactly that. Fill out my request form to receive updated listings or simply pick up the phone and give me a call. I am here to help.