Selling real estate in Westmount can be a daunting task if you are not using the services of a qualified broker. Luxury real estate must be marketed with  great care in order for it to sell quickly and efficiently. There are many important steps that must be taken in order to ensure that a home sells with ease and nobody likes to see their house still up for sale following a full year of visits. Without the proper advice and marketing strategy, exactly that can happen, especially in the luxury real estate market.

A successful campaign to sell luxury real estate begins with the proper presentation of the home to the public. This is fundamental in attracting buyers to the property and in enticing them to purchase once they visit. This process begins with the photographing the property by a professional with high quality equipment. These images will be used to promote the property online and through printed press. As an added step, I also like to have a video shot of the home. This really helps buyers to get a feel for the property before they even step into the home. Videos can really make Westmount homes shine. If necessary, we will contact my designer in order to help us ready your home for the photo and video shoots. Sometimes, the simple rethinking of furniture placement can really help in presenting a Westmount house at its best.

Another crucial step is to figure out the market value of your Westmount home. I am experienced in the sector and I can give you the information that you will require in order for you to come to educated conclusion on what the listing price should be. I will offer you my opinion, however this will be ultimately your decision and therefore I will give you all the tools you need to be informed and to make the right decision.

A viewOnce we have our listing price we will need to establish a marketing strategy that will ensure that your property does not sit on the market for too long and become a stagnant listing. This will include but not be limited to placing your listing on MLS, printed press such as The Gazette, Homes and Land, La Presse,  The Westmount Examiner, and L’Express. We will also use target marketing to sell your property. Of course you home will also be featured on my top ranking website  Agent caravans and open houses will also help in gaining exposure to the local agents and buyers respectively. I work for the Mellor real estate group and we are over 180 agents strong that can collaborate with one another. As you likely also know, Royal LePage Heritage is a top seller of real estate in Westmount and has been for many years.

Selling real estate is much more complicated than simply putting up a sign. There are many pitfalls that can come up along the path to sell real estate and those can be avoided. My training in real estate law will ensure that  your rights and obligations as a vendor are always met and protected.

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